October B&G Update

Finally, a long over-due update to the February B&G Update: Part 1 post.

First, we should note that the Improvement Projects: 2021 page contains a periodically updated list of the projects completed (or underway) on the grounds. Our intent is to make sure members know how their financial contributions are improving the club. As always, all feedback is welcome.

Between now and the next season, extensive efforts are being made to plan for pool marcite in late 2022. We’ve been working hard to update the club’s asset registry.

Basement Waterproofing

We completed this project in multiple phases, spanning from January 2021 to May 2021.

The club “archives” suggest that the clubhouse basement has always had a water issue. Multiple documents from the 1966-1967 era reference issues with waterproofing. They also detail countermeasures put into place during construction. As we know, the water table on the property is very high.

There was an effort at some point to capture water intruding past the exterior waterproofing. We haven’t been able to determine when this was done. We deemed this system ineffective in 2020. Groundwater was leaking into the basement.

We brought in Foundation Systems of Michigan (FSM) to survey and quote. In January 2021, we hired FSM to tear up concrete, add a drainage track and install a sump pump.

Northwest Basement Corner in May 2021

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The northwest basement corner, shortly after painting was completed. Also visible - the new tempering valve (from 2020) and plumbing repairs made by Rob Olenzik (in 2021). Not shown: the final basement clean-up (including a re-organized Building & Grounds storage shelf!)

Pump House

Details to follow, shortly.


It wasn’t for a lack of effort, perhaps – but the landscaping became quite overgrown during the summer. This, despite a tremendous amount of effort by members to clean up the landscape beds in the spring and summer. A special thanks to the Earle and O’Brien family – amongst many others for their time.

Still, it got away from us. So, we kicked off a major effort to start fresh for 2022. We’ve removed multiple plants, scraped the beds clean, and plan chemical treatment in the fall and spring. Special thanks to David Dodge of the Elite Group, Inc., for his tremendous help.

Photos will be posted shortly.

Chemical Purchases

We were fortunate to not be affected by the chlorine shortages that closed many pools over the summer. Proper planning allowed us to purchase the majority of our pool chemicals prior to the season at a discount, without a need for repeat orders throughout the season. More details are available here.