Winter Tree Work

In early February, multiple trees on the property were trimmed or removed. We love trees, and the decision to remove them is never easy. Unfortunately, those that were removed were in significant decline, and beyond the poor aesthetics, they posed a safety risk to our members and guests.

The plan was kicked off last summer when one of the willow trees near the tennis courts collapsed during a relatively calm rainstorm. Noting its extensive rot, we realized there were a number of trees on the property that urgently required work.

In total:

  • Several half-dead branches on the maple trees near the pavilion were removed. These branches posed a safety risk to the occupants of the picnic tables located below.
  • The three remaining willows near the tennis courts were removed.
  • The (literally) half-dead cottonwood tree on the northern fence line was removed down to the fence line. As it has grown into the fence, the next steps are being evaluated.
  • The pine tree in the southeastern corner of the fenced-in property (near the gate) was removed. This pine tree posed a regular barrier to vehicle access through the south gate. In the event of an emergency, it could have slowed access by ambulance.
  • A small, struggling pine near the south end of the property that was relatively barren due to extensive shade was removed.

Much of the wood was shredded into mulch that will be used for the landscaping this spring. Larger logs may be up for grabs this spring; details to follow in the annual newsletter. The crew will return to grind stumps and level the ground by the spring.