August Update

A few small items of note for early August – the Funbrella has been repaired, issues with the WiFi are under observation, and preparation continues for the September pool renovation.

The Funbrella crank mechanism began acting up this season (to some extent, maybe last season). At times, the ratcheting mechanism would “let loose” and cause the umbrella to close upon the staff member opening it rapidly. Once open, a safety pin prevented it from falling (there was never any risk of the umbrella falling upon pool deck occupants).

B&G serviced the mechanism earlier in the summer, but it was ultimately worn out. A replacement was ordered last week and installed last night (August 8th). The new crank mechanism should bring us many years of trouble-free use.

Some issues with the WiFi have been observed recently. It’s not clear how widespread this is. Diagnostics on the system haven’t revealed anything – but B&G would appreciate any feedback you may have regarding speed and reliability.

We’ve secured a significant length of fire hose and discussed renting a hydrant meter with the city. We’ll need a supplemental supply to fill the pool in the 24 hours mandated by the plaster contractor; the 2-inch feed used for regular fill won’t be enough.

The pool renovation is still on track to begin the day after the club closes for the season – Tuesday, September 6th. We hope to post regular photo updates to the website!