Week One Update

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Survey Results and Planning

Thanks to all who voted in our finish-materials survey. We’ll use the Super Blue quartz aggregate finish color as it was by far the favorite. A slight issue arose in the tile color selection. The two glossy finishes presented were deemed too slippery in subsequent discussions. So, the contractor offered a fourth option (a charcoal-colored matte finish tile). The finish on this tile is identical to the light-blue matte option in the survey but with much better contrast (as is preferred for swim lane visibility). Our apologies for this necessary late change.

We also learned that going from 6-inch wide lanes to 10-inch wide lanes (the survey favorite) would be cost-prohibitive. We had to make the tough decision to stick with 6-inch lanes. That said, we will still utilize longer “T” markers at the end of the lanes.

Tile Drawing

To reduce any potential confusion between the club and the pool contractor, B&G prepared a drawing to detail tile locations. The first revision of this drawing (likely subject to some revision) is presented below.

Time-Lapse Camera

To visually document the project, B&G installed a temporary 4K camera (with custom 3D-printed hardware) mounted to a light pole next to the pavilion. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive regular progress updates. Images are captured 3 times per minute from dawn to dusk and uploaded daily.

When viewing the time-lapse videos on YouTube, be sure to click on the gear icon and select “Quality”, then set to 2160p to get the highest-resolution experience!

Site Work

The site work started Monday night when we began emptying the pool minutes after the club closed at 8 pm. When we wrapped up at around 10 pm, the water level was roughly two feet below the gutter.

Our pool contractor began demolition work Tuesday morning. As noted in the prior article, a water blast technique will be used to remove marcite from the pool shell. However, mechanical chipping must be completed first due to the excessive number of layers present. The contractor estimates that our pool has 6-7 layers built up. In some areas, we’ve observed two inches or more of marcite being removed!

  • The contractor estimates that 10 additional days may be required for demolition due to the number of layers present. This will have some cost impact, too.
  • The finish date for the renovation may be pushed to the end of September. Pool closing may be delayed to early November (tentative).
  • It looks like we’ll be able to significantly improve the issue with the slope on the stairs (largely due to build-up). More to follow on that once the re-build portion of the job begins.

Updates on the daily progress follow.

Day 1

Photos were taken at 7 am of the existing pool, partially drained, before demolition began.

Pool Before

Image 1 of 13

A view of the "baby pool". Note the staining.

We continued water pump-out early on Tuesday morning. The contractors began demolition later that morning. Additional chlorine was delivered to ensure we have an adequate supply to run chemicals post-project. Note that in the time-lapse below, images were taken once per minute. This is tripled in the following days (to create a more detailed time-lapse).

We returned to the club that evening to take photos just before dusk.

Demolition - Day 1

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Chipped-away marcite near the transition from the "baby pool" to the main pool.

Day 2

Wednesday marked the first full day of work. Dumpsters arrived for debris disposal.

Day 3

Demolition continued. A second contractor arrived to begin valve replacement work in the pump house (that can only be performed when the pool is empty). The valve work should be completed by next week.

Day 4

Demolition continued, with focus shifting to the main portion of the pool.

Day 5

Demolition continued, working into the deep end of the main pool.

Looking Forward

Demolition will continue into next week. We will start to prepare for the re-fill (though it is likely weeks out) to ensure we have the supplies on-hand. A tap into the fire hydrant near the street will be necessary to re-fill the pool within 24 hours.