February Board Update

In just a few short months, we will be basking in the sunshine poolside! A few updates from our February board meeting –

We have approved the purchase of 10 new picnic tables and are planning to refurbish our grills for the upcoming season. A big thank you to Mike Testa for helping us find some great pre-season deals!

Our membership chair, Mel Kolinski, is working hard to fill our new memberships and convert over Empty Nesters. Be on the look out for membership dues notices, which will be sent out by email next week.

The building and grounds team is getting ready for the next season, including refinishing the parking lot.

Our club will be hosting the league meet this year! With this exciting event coming up, it’s a great time to consider joining the swim team. Keep an eye out for the dual meet schedule, which will be posted soon!

Stay tuned for more information in our March newsletter, including our social calendar!

Fairway Farms Board of Directors