Planning for 2024

Building and Grounds (B&G) is well underway making plans for 2024. There’s a lot of work to do, and as always, the budget and spare time are the limiting factors. Please consider volunteering! We’ll provide more details on volunteer opportunities soon.

The list below is current as of February 24th. We’ll post new articles as approvals and work progress.

Capital Projects


As of the February meeting, the board has approved the capital expenditures below.

  • The purchase of 10 new Lifetime brand picnic tables for under the pavilions.
  • The purchase of replacement components for all five grills.

We should note that the parking lot repair (still pending to be completed this spring) was approved in 2023. That project will be completed in the coming months.


In the March meeting, we will bring the following projects to be voted upon. A limited budget will likely prevent completing all these projects; some work may be deferred to 2025 and beyond.

  • A package of fence repairs (quotes received):
    • Replacement of the large gate at the north end of the property (near the playground).
    • Re-seating of four heaved posts in the aluminum fence surrounding the pool deck.
    • Replacement of three gate locks.
    • Repairs to the fence in the northwest corner of the property.
  • Replacement of pool deck concrete pads. This season, we intend to focus on the section near the entrance and Funbrella. Additional work in the south perimeter of the pool deck is also up for review.
  • Replacement of three steel doors. The interior doors for the men’s and women’s restrooms and the exterior door on the pump house are candidates for 2024.
  • Installation of a gas fire pit and seating area near the pavilions. We have a connection that may provide a one-time significant discount on materials.

We are also working on a plan to begin regular repair and/or replacement of the pool deck lounge chairs.

Other Projects

The projects will likely come from the B&G budget, and not be considered capital projects. In addition to budgetary limitations, these projects are also time-permitting.


  • Repair and replacement of shower valves (primarily in the women’s restroom).
  • Painting of all new steel doors.
  • Refinish a worn portion on the manager’s standing desk in the lobby. Install a replacement power cord.
  • Make repairs to worn wall paint.
  • Exterior scraping/prep and painting of the soffit.
  • Painting in the men’s restroom – particularly in the shower room.
  • Replacement of exterior wooden window shutters and frames.
  • Installation of exhaust fans in the men’s and women’s restrooms. This includes:
    • The replacement of the large exhaust fan in the women’s restroom.
    • Installation of the previously-removed large exhaust fan in the men’s restroom.
    • Replacement of the small exhaust fan in one area of the men’s restroom.
  • Plaster patching for removed (small) exhaust fans (that will not be replaced).
  • Updates to the microphone audio to improve the audibility/clarity of announcements.
  • Debug and label domestic hot water piping.
  • Installation of rubber baseboard. Men’s shower area and women’s restroom.


  • Installation and upgrades to cameras:
    • Installation of new cameras (locations TBD).
    • Improvements to the “pool sky view camera” to make the installation more permanent/clean.
    • Underground trenching to hard-wire the dumpster camera, and to add coverage for the north end of the parking lot.
  • Re-grade land on the south end of the pool deck to improve drainage.
  • Installation of a new dusk-dawn light on the pole near the large pavilion. The fixture has been purchased.
  • Replacement of distribution and gas lines to grills.
  • Purchase a large hose coiler and a 24″ deck cleaner (for the power washer).

We’re working on a plan to deal with the remains of the cut tree on the north fence line.


  • Finish prep and paint the small pavilion.
  • Install string/patio lights between the pavilions.
  • Install soffit lights on the pavilions (may be deferred).
  • Re-wire the yard flood light to a separate switch.

Pump House

  • Re-caulk and paint the soffit and fascia.
  • Paint the exterior door (assuming replacement).
  • Install a new concrete sill for the door.
  • Replace the acid pump that failed last season.
  • Continued efforts towards programming for the main drain return valve control and touchscreen operator panel.

We are also in the process of replacing the chlorinator with a new unit.

Pool and Pool Deck

  • Replace the seals on the north slide.
  • Repairs to the gutter trays (broken welds).
  • Continued replacement of missing and broken gutter grates (using custom 3D printed parts).
  • Conduit repair on the south-end junction box.

Under Review or Deferred

  • Replacement of the basement stairs.
  • Replacement of the drywall ceiling in the basement stair area (sagging/failing).
  • Installation of a rubber border to replace wooden planks in the playground area.
  • Replacement of the gutters, wooden fascia, and soffit on the clubhouse. Desperately needed, but this is a high-cost item.
  • Repair roof leaks in the pump house (around the chimney box, near the peak of the western-facing portion of the roof).
  • Replacement of missing bulbs (F54T5/835/HO) in pavilion fixture(s).
  • Re-route the condensate drain for the snack shack air conditioner.
  • Installation of an exhaust fan above the changing table in the family restroom (member request).
  • Full restoration of the surge tank.