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Use the form below to report a maintenance issue to Building & Grounds. For urgent or critical safety issues, do not use this form – report to the manager on duty. Please review the known issues below to see if the issue you’re reporting is one we’re already aware of.

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Fairway Farms Swim and Tennis Club is member-owned. We rely upon the volunteers (our members) to keep our club running.

Known Issues

Our club opened in 1967 and despite being open only during the summer months, is exposed to the elements year-round. Harsh winters take their toll! The board makes its best effort to maintain the building and grounds, but resources are limited.

The following issues are known (as of June 8th, 2021). If you’re interested in helping address any of these issues (by donating time or money) – please let us know! Our club is owned by its members and we encourage everyone to get involved.

Issues already listed under Volunteer Opportunities or Improvement Projects: 2021 are not included here.

Family Restroom

  • The drywall behind the new sink needs repair.

Marcite (Pool Plaster)

The marcite (pool plaster) is showing its age (cracks, chips), and is due for replacement in coming years. Small repairs will continue to be made on an as-needed basis.

Per the 2020/2021 board, the plan is to re-finish the pool following Labor Day of 2022. For years, projects and budgets have been very mindful of this necessary (and major) expenditure. That said, this decision will ultimately be the responsibility of the 2022 (or later) board.

Men’s Restroom

  • The rubber baseboard in the shower area was heavily water-damaged and peeling from the wall upon the start of the 2020 season. It was removed, but is still pending surface prep and proper installation of replacement material.
  • Paint is needed in several areas of the men’s restroom (in the shower area and around the new urinal in particular).
  • The exhaust fan was removed; a replacement is still pending.

Club House

  • The gutters on the club house leak at multiple seams.
  • The (original) exterior steel doors in the clubhouse are failing due to age and exposure. A locksmith recommended replacement when called upon to service the women’s restroom exterior door prior to the 2020 season. As the condition worsens, exterior doors may become extremely difficult to open/close due as they bind up on the frame. An interior door in the men’s room is also failing.

Grounds / Pool Deck

  • A small portion of conduit at the south end of the pool deck has been physically damaged. The wiring has not been damaged. A repair will be made to prevent the possibility of future damage.
  • The anchors for the south slide (the SR Smith Typhoon) are rusted and permit more travel of the base than desired. Supplemental anchoring and/or replacement is planned.


  • Replace missing T5HO bulbs (F54T5/835/HO) in pavilion fixture(s).


  • The underwater pool light niche (nearest the north end lifeguard tower) has a broken tab for the mounting screw. It is not possible to properly install this light without the chance that it will pop out. The niche must be replaced at some point.
  • The light under the south slide is not functional due to a water leak as of early June (2021). Further repair efforts are planned.

Pump House

  • There is a water leak around the chimney of the boiler. It’s suspected to be a part of the chimney box.