Our members reside in Livonia and its surrounding cities. New memberships are offered throughout the year as bonds become available. Dues statements are sent out in February each year with membership fees due March 15th. Members will receive email updates throughout the season on current events at the pool.

New Members

There is currently a wait list for membership. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please submit the application form and the $50 application fee.

Associate Members

An associate member is defined as a relative or other person associated with an active member (mother, father, stepdaughter, stepson, nephew, niece, grandchild, babysitter, etc). An associate member may only enter the club along with an active member they are registered with. A current individual photo must also be submitted and kept on file with the active member’s account.

Associate membership is valid for the present calendar year only. The cost is $50.

To apply for an associate membership, submit the application form.


Members that wish to resign must do so prior to the start of the season (March 15th). If this form is not submitted prior to that date, it is expected that annual membership dues and the capital assessment fee are paid on time.

To resign, submit the resignation form.