Active members of Fairway Farms Swim and Tennis Club are all partial owners. Each member holds a uniquely-numbered Certificate of Membership (often referred to simply as a “bond”) that is purchased upon joining the club.

A certificate becomes available when an existing member opts to sell (or otherwise releases ownership of) their “bond”.

How to Join

There is currently a waitlist for membership. To be added to the waitlist, please submit the application form online. Then, write a $50 (non-refundable) check payable to Fairway Farms Swim and Tennis Club.

Remit payment to:

Fairway Farms Swim and Tennis Club
Attn: Membership Chair
PO Box 531311
Livonia, MI 48153

Prospective members must submit the form online and mail the check; we do not accept applications at the club.

Cost to Join

The Certificate of Membership (“bond”) costs $650. This, along with a $100 Capital Recovery Improvement Fee is due upon joining the club.

Annual Dues and Fees

The annual cost consists of dues ($550) and a capital improvement fee ($100). The total amount due is $650 annually.

There are some special situations that apply:

  • Members that join on March 15th or later pay on a prorated basis.
  • Active members may opt to pay on an installment plan:
    • Dues are split into three payments of $200 and must be paid on March 1st, April 1st, and May 1st. The total amount paid on the installment plan is $600 ($50 more than a single payment on March 15th).
    • The capital assessment fee must be included as part of the March 1st payment ($300 total) or as a separate $100 payment on March 15th.

All members are expected to pay on time. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of membership. Members that have not paid in full will not be permitted to enter the club.

Join DatePayment Due
March 15th – June 15th$650 (100%)
June 16th – June 30th$520 (80%)
July 1st – July 15th$390 (60%)
July 16th – July 31st$260 (40%)
August 1st – August 15th$130 (20%)
August 16th – Closing DateNo Payment Due
Prorated Fees for Members Joining on March 15th or Later

Member dues are typically used for club expenses (utilities, staff salaries, and various other operating expenses). The capital improvement fee funds more extensive improvements to the pool, building, and grounds.

Want to reduce the cost of membership? Consider volunteering for the Board of Directors. Board members that meet the required conditions pay no dues the year following a two-year term.

Member Responsibilities

Members are expected to follow all club rules and policies.

Members should update contact information as needed via this link.

Associate Members

We define an associate member as a relative or other person associated with an active member (mother, father, stepdaughter, stepson, nephew, niece, grandchild, babysitter, etc.). An associate member may only enter the club along with an active member with whom they are registered. A current individual photo must also be submitted and kept on file with the active member’s account.

Associate membership is valid for the current calendar year only. The cost is $50.

To apply for associate membership, submit the application form.


While we never like to see a member move on and sell their bond, we know priorities and situations change. If you’d like to resign, please submit the resignation form.

Memberships not sold before March 15th of each season will need to pay the annual dues and fees. Upon the sale of the bond, the club will refund dues and fees on a prorated basis.