Party Request

Rules and Requirements

The following rules and requirements must be followed or the party will not occur. Any member attempting to bypass the rules or find a loophole will be required to ask their guests to leave (or a staff member will do so). Members that violate the party rules may have their guest privileges suspended at the discretion of the board.

  • Parties of 10 or more (including members) must be approved by the manager and requested seventy-two (72) hours (three days) in advance of the party date.
  • Parties of 30 or more (including members) must be approved by the board and requested four (4) weeks in advance of the party date. Requests less than four (4) weeks in advance will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fees are $5 per guest. Board members may not use their free guest privileges for parties.
  • On Friday/Saturday/Sunday, there is a maximum number of 50 total guests/members allowed at one time for any combination of party/parties unless pre-approval is received.

Hosting Member Responsibilities

  • Adhering to the start and end time requested for the party.
  • Referring all guests to the online Guest Waiver for signature before the party.
  • Ensuring all guest fees are paid.
  • Meeting guests at the front desk and escorting them to the party.
  • Communicating all club rules/regulations to guests and ensuring they abide accordingly.
  • Cleaning up after the party.

Party Location

  • All parties must be on the grass areas only.
  • Canopy tents are acceptable.

Request Form

Use the form below to make a party request. For a general inquiry regarding dates, contact the club manager first. Your party is not confirmed until you are contacted by the Club Manager with approval.

Restricted Dates: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day
Events cannot last more than four (4) hours.
Guests: 1
FFSC Members: 0
Any additional comments you would like to share with the Manager in regards to the party request
List non-member guests, one per line. Guest fees are $5 per person. Waivers must be on file in order to participate.