2023 Improvement Projects

Updated March 7th, 2024

We’ve attempted to identify our volunteers in the green text below. If we’ve missed anyone, please do let us know! This list does not include routine maintenance and preparation performed by board members.


  • We installed three new steel doors in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, which will be painted in 2024.
  • Multiple drain traps that had deteriorated due to age were repaired. Thanks to Chris Ray, who took it upon himself to take on this job, even picking up all the parts (multiple trips to the store).
  • Installed a new touchless faucet in the family restroom. Thanks to Chris Ray for the labor and Melissa Kolinksi for the donation.
  • Removed and replaced a failing faucet in the men’s room. Thanks to Chris Ray.
  • Installed trim around the family restroom changing room ceiling. Thanks to Steven Mezzadri.
  • Installed trim around the family restroom sink. Thanks to Steven Mezzadri.
  • Repaired minor damage to the drywall (patch, sand & paint).
  • Installed fiberglass insulation above the family restroom and changing area to reduce heat build-up during hot summer days.
  • We fixed upwards of 11 toilet valves in the men’s and women’s restrooms. This is an annual effort – the commercial flush valves tend to (mostly) all need service after sitting dry during the off-season.
  • We identified some issues with the domestic hot water pump loop (that does not seem to work correctly). Further investigation, labeling, and correction will follow.
  • We replaced the concrete-mounted posts for all three benches in the men’s and women’s restrooms. One post (of six) had completely failed, and the others all showed signs of deterioration. We then re-installed the benches with new mounts.
  • Installed a new camera in the lobby. Thanks to Alan Zager for the donation.
  • We replaced a shower valve in the women’s restroom – anticipating further replacements in the near future.
  • Installed a new enterprise-grade Internet router and firewall per a generous anonymous donation.
  • Purchased several new FRS radios (for lifeguard communication) to replace failed or damaged units.
  • Installed hooks and cables to hold the exterior doors of the men’s and women’s restrooms open.
  • Re-installed the handicapped parking signs.


  • Cleaned up the front landscaping beds. Thanks to Clare Earle – who has helped with our landscaping tremendously for at least the last three years.
  • Cleaned up the fence line and tennis court area. Thanks to the Davidson family and Wayne Kless.
  • Power-washed the wooden picnic tables in preparation for paint. Thanks to Carolyn Hassan.
  • Fixed minor issues with lamp post globes (loose, wrong-sized screws).
  • Installed a new camera near the playground area.


  • Scraped loose paint from the small pavilion in anticipation of future re-painting. Thanks to the Randall family.
  • Installed a camera on the south end of the small pavilion. Thanks to Erin O’Brien for the donation.

Pool and Pool Deck

  • An umbrella holder was installed on the north guard stand. Thanks to Chris Ray.
  • We removed the diving board stand for sandblasting and powder coating and reinstalled it with all-new hardware. This article provides more details about this project.
  • Concrete was removed and replaced in three areas to address deterioration issues.
  • We refurbished the entire Funbrella and replaced the canopy. New hardware was installed, and all bows/braces (support structure) were sandblasted and spray-painted with white enamel. Thanks to Paul Debono and Dave Billington.
  • Removed existing backstroke flag mounts and core-drilled new holes for replacement mounts (now located precisely to mark five meters from lane end). Thanks to David Dodge.
  • We replaced the south slide, which involved concrete cutting and pipe repair. Thanks to David Dodge.
  • Repaired an exterior leaking pipe that carries discharge water from the sump pump in the pump house to the sewer. As far as we can tell, this pipe was damaged nine years ago during the fence installation and has been a persistent issue.
  • Re-seated and re-mounted two underwater pool lights.
  • A new footwash was installed near the pool deck entrance.

Pump House

Our junior B&G helper inspects drain lines.
  • Replaced the city water fill valve that cracked last season (due to below-freezing temperatures during the abnormally late operation of the pool).
  • Cleaned the in-floor drain (connected to the sump) and added means to prevent further blockage (primarily from strainer basket debris). Thanks to David Dodge.
  • The main pump motor bearings and seals were replaced. Inspected the pump and installed new stainless mounting hardware. Thanks to Nick Carver. This was a dirty job (he may have greased a pair of pants and a shirt beyond recovery) – we’re grateful for Nick’s time and expertise.
  • Camera-inspected multiple drain lines. Thanks to David Dodge for loaning us the equipment.
  • Replaced the sand and internal components on the four sand filter tanks. This was a large job that required the help of many. Thanks to David Dodge for picking up, storing, and delivering 3,700 pounds of sand (74 50-pound bags). Thanks to Matt Anderson, Dave Billington, Eric Buchanan, Patrick Curtis, and Wayne Kless for lending a hand to B&G to complete this job – and saving the club thousands of dollars in labor charges! More details about this project are given in this article.
  • A motorized actuator was installed to replace the prematurely failed unit to control the main drain. Installed new conduit, wiring, and a relay interposer box for control via the automation system.
  • Added signage to the sand filter tanks to identify tank numbers.
  • Water-jetted the pump house sump pump discharge line to clear it of accumulated debris.
  • A new pitot tube flow meter was installed on the filtered water outlet line to replace the failed prior unit.
  • Replaced the roof-mounted exhaust fan with an identical unit (the prior unit had seized up and was not repairable).
  • Removed old stickers and re-mounted the RBI product badge on the pool boiler.
  • Installed an 8-inch touchscreen operator panel (display) to improve the automation system’s monitoring and configuration. Upgraded various components within the control box to support the new panel.

Water Main

A huge thanks to David Dodge for helping us recover from a water main failure under the south end of the parking lot in early April. With Dave’s help, we could avoid what could have been a nearly catastrophic cost to the club. Dave is a great friend to B&G and a major supporter of our club – and he and his family aren’t even members! We give more details about this project in this article.