We’re constantly reviewing the state of club assets and working to make as many improvements as possible. The projects identified below are subject to regular revision as available time and budgets allow.

Capital Projects

The capital projects below have been selected and proposed by B&G for the 2023 season.

Approved for 2023

The board has approved the following projects as of March 13th, 2023:

  • Pool filter tank media replacement. See this page for details.
  • Installation of a brand new Funbrella canopy. The existing canopy (which may date back to 2003, based on estimates) is starting to fray and tear due to years of exposure. The replacement canopy has been purchased and will be installed before the start of the season.
  • Replacement of concrete slabs near the pump house, diving board and baby pool.
  • Installation of new exterior doors on the men’s restroom, women’s restroom and an interior door within the men’s restroom.


These proposed projects, while highly desirable, are likely to be deferred due to budget constraints:

  • Replacement of functional grill components. This has been moved to the volunteering page under suggested donations.

Non-Capital Projects


The following projects will be completed in 2023. Materials have already been purchased, or the cost is within B&G budget (not requiring further approval):

  • Re-locate and/or replace four backstroke flag mounts in the pool deck.
  • Replacement of a large number of pool gutter grates. The specifics for this are still TBD.
  • Replace the failed support leg for the bench in the men’s restroom changing area.
  • Repair damage to the wall paint and new desk finish in the clubhouse.
  • Replacement of the bearings and seals in the main pump motor. Materials were purchased in 2022.
  • Design and installation of a control system for the motorized valve installed on the main drain. B&G will donate engineering and materials for this project.
  • Insulate the attic space above the family restroom (and adjacent changing area) to reduce heat build-up during the hot summer months.

Pending Budget

These projects are planned, assuming the budget allows:

  • Installation of approximately six additional cameras (and necessary network infrastructure).

Pending Labor

These projects are desired – and not necessarily restricted by budget. Rather, they are labor-intensive, and B&G may not have the time necessary to complete them this season:

  • Paint the clubhouse soffit, the small pavilion, the shed, and the pump house soffit.
  • Re-route the condensate drain line for the mini-split air conditioner.

Known Issues

Our club opened in 1967 and is exposed to the elements year-round despite being open only during the summer months. Harsh winters take their toll! The board does its best to maintain the building and grounds, but resources are limited.

The following issues are known (as of February 20th, 2022). If you’re interested in helping address any of these issues (donating time or money) – please let us know! Our club is owned by its members, and we encourage everyone to get involved.

Many issues are referenced in the asset registry and used for future project planning.

Family Restroom

  • The drywall behind the new sink needs repair.
  • The changing room is hot and would benefit from ventilation over the changing table (member request).

Men’s Restroom

  • The rubber baseboard in the shower area was heavily water-damaged and peeling from the wall at the start of the 2020 season. It was removed but still requires additional surface prep and proper installation of replacement material.
  • Paint is needed in several areas of the men’s restroom (in the shower area and around the new urinal).
  • The large exhaust fan was removed; a replacement is still pending.
  • The smaller circular exhaust fans in the shower and above the 3-bay stalls are missing. Replacement is under review.

Club House

  • The gutters on the clubhouse leak at multiple seams.
  • The wooden soffit needs replacement.
  • The (original) exterior steel doors in the clubhouse are failing due to age and exposure. A locksmith recommended replacement when called upon to service the women’s restroom exterior door before the 2020 season. As the condition worsens, exterior doors may become extremely difficult to open/close because they bind up on the frame. An interior door in the men’s room is also failing.

Grounds / Pool Deck

  • The foot wash valve near the main pool deck gate is leaking. A replacement has been back-ordered for some time (supplier shortages).
  • A small portion of the conduit at the south end of the pool deck has been physically damaged. The wiring has not been damaged. A repair will be made to prevent the possibility of future damage.


  • Replace missing T5HO bulbs (F54T5/835/HO) in pavilion fixture(s).

Pump House

  • There is a water leak around the chimney of the boiler. It’s suspected to be a part of the chimney box.
  • There is a small roof leak near the peak of the western-facing portion of the roof. This leak only seems to present itself during prolonged, heavy rain.
  • There is a leak in the surge tank (presumably due to poor/failing patches from past tank penetrations). This results in persistent dampness and puddling water surrounding portions of the tank at the gallery level.
  • The floor drain near the strainer basket is ineffective; an underground blockage is suspected.

Women’s Restroom

  • The exhaust fan needs replacement (under review).
  • The smaller circular exhaust fans in the shower and above the stalls are missing and/or non-functional. Replacement is under review.

Wish List

  • Replace the small pavilion lights with recessed LED lights (similar to those installed on the soffit of the pump house).
  • Install a water bottle filling station.