Swim Team Jobs


During home meets six people sit in a designated area writing out the ribbons for the meet.

Awards – Sorter

This person will sit at the scoring table and file our team’s ribbons by family as they completed by the awards table.

Card Person

This person sits in a chair on deck and passes out the event cards to the swimmers. This job is required at home and away meets.


Selling concessions items at home meets.

Head Timer

This job is also sometimes referred to as the back-up timer. At home meets we have a head timer running a stopwatch in case one of the timers has a problem.


Each team providers a timer for the opposing team’s three lanes. Timers are needed at home and away meets. Timing is not a difficult job, but it does require your full attention for the length of the meet. This job is not recommended for parents of very young swimmers if another adult is not on deck to help your child with their needs.

Finish Judges (aka Line Counters)

Each team supplies one person to record the race finishes. One person calls out the order of the race finishes and the other team writes them down. This job is required at both home and away meets.


Runners pick up the cards after each heat and deliver them to the scoring table.


Each team provides a scorer. The scorers sit together during the meet and record the score. Results will be delivered to the scoring table after every point event.


At Home meets we provide a starter to start the races. This job does take specific training but we are looking for individuals that are interested in being trained to take it on for next year. Please see us if you are willing to learn and plan to be around for a few years!