Volunteer Opportunities

Are you:

  • a handy individual that enjoys projects?
  • in a position to donate money, supplies and/or your expertise in a specific area?
  • a Boy Scout working towards an Eagle Scout ranking with a project?
  • a Girl Scout/Boy Scout troop looking for a project to earn a badge?
  • a middle or high school student who is looking for volunteer hours for National Honor Society, Stevenson’s Global Education (Senior) Program or any other program?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we may have an opportunity for you! Please review our suggested opportunities below, then scroll down and submit your information if you’re interested in volunteering.

Adopt & Maintain a Garden

Many of the garden beds have been attended to, but there may still be opportunities!

Following the success of last season’s effort, garden plots will be available this season for adoption by individual or groups of families. An adopted plot shall be cleared and planted prior to opening day. The family is asked to provide plants, soil, fertilizer, and periodic maintenance throughout the season. Daily watering (as needed, during the open season) will be the taken care of by club staff.

The social committee will coordinate adoption of the gardens.

Restore the “Pool Rules” Sign

This project has been claimed – thank you!

The old “Pool Rules” sign, now hung on the pump house, is in need of restoration. We’ve kept this sign for nostalgia purposes (it may be original or close to original from 1967?) but it’s showing its age. Removal of chipping paint and then hand-painting over the existing lettering is likely needed.

Install Sloan Toilet Valves

Most of the toilet valves (12 in total) have been repaired multiple times. Many are overdue for replacement as it’s simply not effective to continue to install rebuild kits. To maximize our maintenance budget, we’re hoping to avoid hiring an outside plumber. This project is for the labor of a highly skilled handyman or member plumber only – the club will pay for the materials.

Rebuild the Horseshoe Pits

This project has been claimed – thank you!

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun game of horseshoes? Unfortunately, our horseshoe pit backstops are weathered and worn. For this project, we’re looking to have the back backstop removed and re-built. The pit should be constructed following official dimensions. Use of pressure treated lumber is recommended.

Rebuild the Walking Bridge

The walking bridge between the large pavilion provides an elevated path over frequently marshy ground. Over the years, the bridge has aged and is in need of replacement. Use of pressure treated lumber is recommended.

Clean Up Fire Pit Area

This project has been claimed – thank you!

A newer metal ring was installed in the past years for the fire pit. Unfortunately, what appear to be remnants of the old fire pit (paver bricks, etc) still remain in a pile. Suggestion: Clean up the area (remove and discard/re-purpose bricks), re-grade the ground (locate the metal ring at the prior pit location), and seed grass.

Clean Up Volleyball Court

This project is in the process of being completed – thank you!

Over the years, grass and weeds have crept in towards the volleyball court. For this project, we’d like to restore the original perimeter, pulling out weeds/grass as needed. If a rototiller is used, try to remove the debris (and mind the depth) to keep the sand clean. The club is looking into providing fresh sand to top-off the court.

Refurbish Wooden Picnic Tables or Benches

This project is in the process of being completed – thank you!

Many of the large wooden picnic tables and stationary benches are in need of repair and/or scraping/re-painting. In some cases, hardware is missing (i.e. carriage bolts, washers and nuts). B&G will coordinate with volunteers (as applicable) to select a color and a durable product.

Refurbish the Tetherball Pole

This project has been claimed – thank you!

The tetherball pole and ball are aged and worn. We are looking for someone to use a wire brush to scrape away debris and prep for a spray application of a durable paint (that bonds to rust) and replacement of the ball and string. The club is looking into purchasing sand for the base of the play area.

Remove Charcoal Grills

This project has been completed – thank you!

The charcoal grills on the northern end of the property appear to have gone unused for some time. The gas grills adjacent to the pavilion have essentially replaced their use. Therefore, we propose their removal.

NOTE: Please provide feedback if you have concern over the removal of these grills.

Remove “Mystery Shower”

This project has been claimed – thank you!

There is an outdoor shower head on a pole, located between the volleyball court and the pool deck (near the pump house). At some point, this shower was disconnected, and is non-functional. The pole has slanted over time.

While the original intent of this shower makes a lot of sense (to wash off sand from volleyball prior to re-entering the pool), there is no need for it in it’s current location and we believe it would be best to be removed.

Repair Large Umbrella

This project is in the process of being completed – thank you!

The cable in the large umbrella (Funbrella) on the north-eastern part of the pool deck is twisted, frayed and/or tangled. The cable needs to be removed from the internal spooling mechanism and replaced. Additional hardware may need replacement, too.

Paint the Small Pavilion

The metal and wood surfaces under the small pavilion need to be stripped/prepped and re-painted.

Rebuild Basement Stairs

The basement stairs are in disrepair. While they have not been deemed unsafe, their replacement is viewed as necessary for functional and aesthetic purposes in the near future.

Replace the Flag Pole

The top-most portion of the flag pole broke and fell during the 2020 season. For this project, we are looking for an educated member that can determine if the remaining portion of the pole can be salvaged or if an entire new pole is needed.