Volunteer Opportunities

Updated April 23rd, 2022

Fairway Farms Swim Club is a member-owned organization that depends upon its members to help keep the club in good working order. A big thank you to the numerous volunteers that stepped up to help make repairs and improvements to the club in 2021. Below, we’ve constructed a list of volunteer opportunities for the 2022 season.

This list is a continuous work-in-progress. We will update it as the season goes on. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please submit your information in the form below. These jobs are just ideas – we’re very much open to suggestions.


We do our best to replace aging club assets as quickly as we can. However, as noted in our spring update, needs can exceed what the annual budget supports. Our asset registry attempts to track when items will need replacement. See something on this list that’s nearing the end of life that you’d like to donate? Have an idea for something at the club that could be replaced and/or would enhance the member experience? If so, please consider donating.


All projects will be coordinated by Building & Grounds (referred to below as “B&G”) unless otherwise noted.

Plant a Tree

Necessary tree work over the winter eliminated multiple trees on the property. We’d like to re-plant new trees on the property to make up for the loss. The new tree should be at least 5 to 6 feet tall. Coordinate selection with an arborist (to select an appropriate tree for the soil type) and planting location with B&G.

This opportunity may be claimed by multiple members. We’re hoping to plant up to half a dozen trees.

Landscape the Front Yard

In prior years, weeds have taken over the landscaping beds. Despite members’ generous efforts to clear and plant in the spring, the weeds ultimately won, and the beds became an eyesore by mid-summer.

In the fall, heavy equipment was brought in by a third-party volunteer to strip the beds down to the underlying soil. Only a few of the larger shrubs. Follow-up treatments and clean-up are planned this spring. We hope that this gives us a much more manageable clean slate going forward.

We’re looking for volunteers to help plant and/or donate funds for replacement landscaping. Necessary maintenance during the season should be greatly reduced.

This project is being coordinated by Erin O’Brien.

Clean up by the Tennis Court

There is a small strip of land on the western edge of the tennis courts that is overgrown with weeds and invasive trees that need to be permanently removed. We’d like to get this cleaned up and spread mulch (provided) in this area instead.

Spread Grass Seed

The southeastern section of the turf (around the “party area”) is sparse. This is largely due to the extensive shade – some of which has been reduced by the tree removal. We estimate needing a large bag of fescue (or another shade-tolerant mix) for about 3,000 square feet. B&G can assist with follow-up watering following planting.

We are currently targeting the weekend of May 13th for this task to coordinate with lawn treatment applications.

Prepare the Small Pavilion for Paint

We would like to re-paint the small pavilion prior to opening day. This requires a lot of prep work (scraping) – and we could use some help.

Prepare the Men’s Shower for Paint

The paint in the men’s shower room is in need of significant preparation work. We’d like to re-paint and properly re-install the rubber baseboard, but in order to do so, the walls must be stripped of loose paint and adhesive. This could be done carefully with a power washer (club-provided) if care is taken to block debris from clogging the drains.

Prep, Paint & Caulk Around New Urinal

A new urinal was installed last year to replace a unit that had cracked and was leaking.

Install the Flag Pole

Due to overwhelming demand – we’ve finally pulled together the materials to replace the flagpole. We’re looking for a volunteer (or volunteers) to build & install; the pole is “custom” for the club’s existing installation. A portion of this job will require manipulating a long, heavy pipe on a ladder.

Fix the Tennis Court Fence

A fallen tree in 2021 moved some fence components out of alignment. For this task, these components should be re-aligned. This is a relatively small job.

Refurbish Funbrella Hardware

The hardware on the giant umbrella at the northeast corner of the pool deck (referred to as the “Funbrella”) is in poor condition. We’d like to replace all hardware, then steel-brush and repaint rusted portions with an appropriate product (i.e. Rustoleum spray paint).

Clean Club House Windows

The clubhouse windows need to be cleaned. The lobby window facing the pool deck also needs to be scraped clean to remove old tape.

Deep Clean Club House

Anywhere and everywhere – the clubhouse needs a good deep cleaning. In particular, the bathroom stalls. Cleaning any portion of the clubhouse large or small would be very much appreciated.

Fix and Paint Fans

The large pedestal fans used in the lobby need some work. For each fan, the base should be removed, cleaned, and re-painted. Fans blades and cages need to be cleaned. One fan is missing the pull-chain switch; this needs to be replaced.

Paint the Volleyball Poles

The volleyball poles need to be stripped of loose paint and re-painted (much like the tetherball pole was last year).

Re-Install Handicapped Parking Sign

The handicapped parking sign in the parking lot was knocked over and damaged in a prior winter (presumably by someone doing “donuts” in our parking lot). For this job, the post and sign should be repaired or replaced as needed, then re-installed in the appropriate spot in the lot.

Clean up Pool Deck Fence Rock

Extend and clean up the border under the fence around the pool deck. Approximately 400 to 425 sqft worth of additional material will be needed.

Repair Sump Drain Pipe

The flexible, underground black drain pipe that connects the sump pump to the dry well in the front yard was accidentally damaged last fall during the landscaping clean-up. For this project, the pipe should be repaired and re-buried.